Blue Toon

Here’s the next shot in the Blue Toon build. I’ve started planking, working mostly at the stern, but have put on a couple planks up to the bow. IMAG0694

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Meeting postponed

The Guilds monthly meeting scheduled for this evening, Feb 5th,
is re-scheduled to February 12th
in the meeting room at the Maritime
Museum at 7:30 p.m. due to the
snow storm this evening.

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Blue Toon – adding the keel

So, the bulkheads were all in place on the building board. The slots were all cut ready to accept the keel, and then the keel was put in place for a dry fit. There was some fine tuning to be done to get it to sit just right, but that only took a few minutes. The keel was then slipped in, glued, and clamped. Time to let it sit for a while, then I’ll get to work lofting the frames.



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Building the Blue Toon

So, with the building board done, it was time to start finishing the bulkheads. Each was, as I said, copied onto cardstock, then traced onto 1/8″ plywood. Each was sanded down to the proper shape. For the keel, I have a large piece of sheet metal and a number of rare earth magnets. I used the magnets to fasten the plan to the sheet metal, then laid a piece of waxed paper over the plan and traced the keel. This was then cut out with room to spare around the edges, and glued to 1/8″ ply. I then took a tracing wheel and went around the keel pattern, pulled the pattern off the plywood, and simply followed the dots on the plywood to cut and sand it to shape.

Next, I carefully measured each bulkhead to determine how deep a slot needed to be cut to accept the keel. Once all that was done, the bulkheads were all put in the building board and wedged firmly in place with a combination of scrap wood and popsicle sticks.

Here are a few shots of the bulkheads being put in place.  IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1070

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Building the Blue Toon

I’ve been asked to write some posts about my current build of the pilot boat Blue Toon.  Here goes:

I don’t have a lot of experience building from scratch, so after a failed attempt to build this boat using frames, I switched tactics and went with something I’m somewhat familiar with from kits. I am building the boat upside down.

From the plans, I drew a reference line above the lines plan for the hull, then made card stock templates for all the frames. The outlines were transferred to 1/8″ ply, then cut out as bulkheads.

I then made a building board. I started with a 1/4 sheet of 3/4″ plywood, which I bought at Home Depot and had ripped in half, so I ended up with two pieces, each 1′ x 4′. On this, I used a ruler and a square to mark off all the frame stations on the building board. I then used a power saw to cut a piece of 3/4″ thick pine board into pieces about 1″ wide, which were then screwed to the building board 1/16″ from the frame stations. When I butt each bulkhead up against the pine strip, the centre of each bulkhead is directly on top of the frame station line. Here’s a shot of the building board:IMG_1067

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World Oceans Day at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

ome Check out Some of the Models built by the Guild at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, untill 3pm today. Free Admission.


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The Story of the Guild and The Maritime Museum


Dan Conlin, Curator and Lynn-Marie Richard, Register at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic recently started to blog at “The Marine Curator”. One of his first topics was how the guild became involved doing model work for the Museaum. Its a good read, and tells the story from the museums perspective.

You can read The 3 Parts A Story of Museum’s Model Collection, a Guild and a Community Success – Part 1 ; The Franconia Project – Part 2 ; and Modelers Work Continues – Part 3

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